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Maintenance Services


Let the pros at Elite Air give your HVAC systems a regular tune-up

to keep everything in tip-top shape…


System Inspections

You likely have regular oil changes and perform other scheduled maintenance on your vehicle to help it last longer and keep you from breaking down on the road.  Your HVAC system deals with dust, dirt, moisture, and more.  If left unchecked, issues may arise that can lead to a loss of efficiency, breakage/need for replacement.

A/C Tune-Up

We recommend an annual A/C Tune-Up each Spring prior to firing it up in the summer.  Critical components like the condenser & evaporator coils commonly see a build up of dust, dirt, microbial growth.  Elite Air can clean and test your A/C unit to keep it running at peak efficiency, making sure you have a cool, comfortable house all summer long. 

Heating Tune-Up

An annual Heating Tune-Up in early fall is a great idea.  Few home systems are more important than your heating in MT. Trust Elite Air to properly maintain your heating system.  Regular maintenance prolongs the life of the unit and keeps it running as efficiently as possible, ensuring a warm & cozy home through our long MT winters. 

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